Measuring in Maths

We have really enjoyed learning how to measure with a ruler and have been learning the difference between centimetres and metres.

In these photos it shows us having fun learning to measure accurately. We are measuring various things like our feet, our hand spans, and the length of our arms etc.

Science Investigations

In Term 4 we have been having great fun doing a lot of different science investigations. We all loved this experiment where we put baking soda, citric acid and water in a bag. We quickly sealed the bag and we loved how the bag suddenly started to expand.

Palmerston North Brochures

We have enjoyed learning all about Palmerston North. As part of our inquiry learning we all chose a place in Palmerston North that really interested us and we created our own brochures. We had fun finding out information and creating eye catching brochures that others would want to read. Here are some of them.

The Skate Park
Cloud 9
The Lido
The Rugby Museum
Flip City
The Clock Tower
The Esplanade
The Square
The Skate Park
Te Manawa

Rugby Skills

We have all really enjoyed learning different winter ball skills. As part of this learning we had fun learning how to kick a rugby ball. We all went out to the bottom field and took turns at trying to kick goals. Here are some photos of us. I think some of us might be All Blacks when we are older!!

Learning String Games With Our Buddies

We had great fun with our buddies last Friday learning all sorts of string games. Our buddies were really patient with us and very good teachers.

Rimu Team Tour of Palmerston North

We have been learning all about what Palmerston North has to offer and also we have enjoyed learning all about the places of historical interest in our city.  We went on a really interesting bus tour of the city and here are some photos of our day.

Here we are at Anzac Park which used to be a fortified Maori village. We got an amazing view of the city.

Here we are at Karaka Grove which, like Anzac Park, is a place of great historical interest. Here the Rangitane tribe fought a fierce battle in the 1800's.

Karaka Grove is near a dairy farm and we were lucky enough to visit some brand new little calves.

We had our morning tea in the Esplanade. The cafe at the Esplanade used to be the old Post Office.

We had our lunch in the Square.

We did a hunt in the Square and we enjoyed looking at all the statues, sculptures, the war memorial and the clock tower.